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Welcome to Quality Leather Craft. This is not your normal custom leather shop.  This is a business of one which means the quality you receive will be consistent every time.  I pride myself in my attention to detail and making quality products.  Over the last few years customers have brought their ideas to me and working closely with each one, we were able to imagine and create exactly what they were looking for.  Due to the fact that this is a company of one, custom products are created in the order they are received.  I do my best to send updates during the process.  You can expect an intimate experience communicating directly with the one who will handcraft you order. The only machine that is used is a hand crank cobbler sewing machine for some smaller bags, besides that everything is done by hand. The leather used is purchased from reputable sources.  I look forward to bringing your ideas to life.   

A bit about the artist:

      My name is Benjamin Cornish and I have been a leather craft artist for about three years.  I have always been interested in art, using many different mediums from tattooing to hair, and metal to wood.  I now have found my love in leather craft.  I am a three-time combat veteran with eight years active duty in the United States Army.  I face every order and product with the same discipline and dedication I gave to my country.   I love my family and I love my country. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about products or pricing.  


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